Playdough Fun!

Our readers with small children will understand the excitement of this post. :) Our boys have discovered playdough! And they love it…. they pretend to cook with it, they make it into rocks to load in their dump truck and they make big piles of it to dig up with their backhoe. I love watching the excitement on their sweet faces and see the fun things they create! God has been so kind to give me children, and I am enjoying it immensely! :) I am so thankful for my sweet boys!

PicMonkey Collage01

The boys love helping in the kitchen, and making playdough together has been a big hit. The recipe calls for a pack of jello, and so it makes fun colors and smells nice too! So far we’ve made orange and lime. Blueberry is next. Our first batch of playdough was made about 4 weeks ago, and it’s still in great form!!

Here’s the recipe – don’t worry, it’s easy!

*As a side note, does anyone have any tips for getting rubbed-in playdough out of rugs?* :)

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5 thoughts on “Playdough Fun!

  1. I have a similar recipe for playdough that calls for kool aid. I’ve been wanting to give it a try for awhile now. I finally have the cream of tarter to do so! :) I’m so glad your boys are having fun with it! I bet Ellie’s at the age where she would enjoy it now. She LOVES the sandbox outside!

  2. I think you’re brave to have a sandbox, Jess! Good for you!! Although, Ellie’s probably very neat and tidy when she plays… right?! I can’t imagine a little female personality in the yard… only dirt-loving, bug holding boys! :) hehe!
    I’ve heard of the kool aid recipe, let me know how it turns out. :)

    • It’s one of those sand and water tables. But we only put sand in both sides. When she discovered it this spring, she would scoop cups of sand and just pour it over her little hands. :) (Sometimes she’d pour it out on the ground too…)This would keep her occupied for hours! Now the rest of the kids introduced her to the feeling of having the sand wet and moldable. She likes that a lot too. :) I like the table idea instead of an actual sand box because they’re not sitting in sand, so they stay a *little* bit cleaner. ;) And yes, little girls do play differently than little boys… but they are BOTH so fun!! :)

  3. So fun! I’m eager to try playdough with Katie, but am waiting a little longer to try and get past the latest teething stage where everything is going in the mouth. ;-)

    Since I’ll probably be the next one figuring out how to clean playdough off of and out of things, I googled it and found this suggestion from the makers of brand-name Play-Doh:

    “When attempting to remove PLAY-DOH compound do NOT use hot water or cleaning solutions of any kind. To remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet or fabrics, allow it to dry completely, and then loosen with a stiff brush. It may be necessary to vacuum clean or wash with gentle soap and cold water. You may need to repeat the process in order to completely remove the PLAY-DOH compound.”

    Hope that helps! Any suggestions for getting spit-up stains off a microfiber couch? :-)

    • For spit up, I’ve had great results with good ol’ Dawn dish soap, hot water and rag. It’s worked great! I’ve also used upholstery cleaners that have gotten most stains off my microfiber sofas. Just don’t come look at my sofas now… they’re in DESPERATE need of a good cleaning! :)

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